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Does the library need to be demolished?


We believe that a win-win scenario exists.


There can be a future where Forest Home Library is preserved and Milwaukee’s Historic Mitchell Street neighborhood can gain a valuable resource in the form of a Children’s Wisconsin health clinic. 


We’re working with developers and preservation architects so we can study other locations for a health clinic and understand how the Forest Home Library can be adaptively reused.

Surplus Parking Sites Along
Historic Mitchell Street District contains 1000% more parking than the next highest major shopping district at Brady Street.
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Near South Side Area Plan:

“Given the lack of vacant land, parking lots should be another source of land to consider for development.”

“If any parking lots are not needed for current and future needs, they should be evaluated for redevelopment sites.”

“Specifically, participants recommended developing the parking lots at the rear of properties along the Mitchell Street Corridor.”

-    Near South Side Area Plan, Milwaukee’s Comprehensive Plan

Parking Analysis

Historic Mitchell Street District contains 1000% more parking than next-highest major shopping district

548 city-owned stalls in Historic Mitchell Street District

87 city-owned stalls COMBINED among 5 other shopping districts




S 12th St

S 12th Street

W Windlake Ave

W Windlake Ave

10th and Maple

10th and Maple
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Comparable site at Maple and 10th St. with near equivalent features to the historic Forest Home Library site.


  • Creates a new healthcare corridor along Mitchell St. with other Southside providers

  • Provides employees and clients with nearby restaurants and shopping within the BID

  • Increases foot traffic for merchants along Mitchell St.

  • Serves a large residential community within walking distance

  • Matches Comprehensive Plan goals to put parking to higher and better use

  • Close to bus lines and city parking lots

  • Easy access to freeway with both ample on-site and street parking (78+ spaces)

  • Increased tax base and property sale revenue stay with City of Milwaukee

  • Safely within a commercial area, no difficult adjacencies with private homes

Potential Options for Reuse

There are a number of ways in which the Forest Home Library building could be reused. Here are some potential options to be explored:

Arts & Artisans Marketplace

Community Event Venue

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Community Event Venue with Restaurant

Maker Space, STEM Training & ACE Mentoring Center

Maker Space, STEM Training & ACE Mentori

Affordable & Supportive Housing and Community Center

Affordable & Supportive Housing and Comm